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Assorted Drabbles  by Elana
A collection of various drabbles I've written in response to prompts at HASA and other places. *Added: Blood Brothers - A mumak rider reflects. The Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship - Gandalf first encounters hobbits. Heirs to the Oath - Double drabble. The oath that binds Rohan and Gondor, and those who are bound by it. Pity - The ring's final temptation for Frodo.
Status: In Progress
Chapter  1: The Return0
Chapter  2: Strange to Us0
Chapter  3: That Which Is Fairest0
Chapter  4: Another Name0
Chapter  5: The Hobbit, Chapter 18 – The Return Journey0
Chapter  6: LotR, Appendix B (The Great Years, 3018-3019)1
Chapter  7: A Father’s Choice0
Chapter  8: Kindred Spirits2
Chapter  9: Legacy0
Chapter 10: Namesake0
Chapter 11: Farewell0
Chapter 12: The Sundering Seas0
Chapter 13: Blood Brothers0
Chapter 14: The Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship1
Chapter 15: Heirs of the Oath1
Chapter 16: Pity2

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