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Theodred's Tale  by Elana
Now Complete! Sequel to Elana's Tale. Stunned by news of Saruman's treachery, Theodred must ready Rohan for war, while dealing with the machinations of Grima Wormtongue and the decline of his father King Theoden. Can he keep the secret of his love for Elana, mother of a half-orc child? How can he stay true to all his varied loyalties, as the Battle of the Fords of Isen grows ever closer? AU. Rated R for violence. Now added: Chapter 24 and 25 - The Journey South and The Journey North. Elana and Theodred (now Antheod) each prepare to leave Rohan.
Status: Complete
Chapter  1: Welcome, Brother1
Chapter  2: Let Me Act0
Chapter  3: What Kind of Man Am I?0
Chapter  4: Lord Grima Should Hear About This0
Chapter  5: You Need My Sword0
Chapter  6: So Completely Alone0
Chapter  7: A Woman Can Waken Trust0
Chapter  8: Careful Enough0
Chapter  9: A Common Purpose0
Chapter 10: Consider Yourself Our Guest0
Chapter 11: Farewell0
Chapter 12: Think Well On Your Choices0
Chapter 13: Can I Count on You?0
Chapter 14: Come Quickly0
Chapter 15: More Than Honor0
Chapter 16: So Many Regrets0
Chapter 17: Life from Death0
Chapter 18: A Vanished Dream0
Chapter 19: Nothing Left to Tell1
Chapter 20: I Can Help You0
Chapter 21: Daughters of the Rohirrim1
Chapter 22: Things That Belong to Me0
Chapter 23: Treason0
Chapter 24: The Journey South0
Chapter 25: The Journey North1

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