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Chronology of Stories  by Lindelea

General setting of stories thus far:

"Shire" (ancient history: how the Shire came to be)
"When Winter Fell" (Long Winter, Fell Winter; young Bilbo)
"Clearing the Heir" (Bilbo decides to adopt Frodo)
"Thain" (Bucca of the Marish, Paladin Took)
"Forever" (Frodo and young Merry)
"O the Fox Went Out on a Chilly Night" ("Dreamflower's Bunny"; young Merry and Ferdi)
"Cousins and Other Nuisances" (Pippin's birth)
"The One that Didn't Get Away"
"A Fistful of Flowers"
"A Pearl of Great Price" (the real story about Lalia the Great's demise)
"Spiderwebs" (expands on an incident in "Where the Merlin Cries")
"The Leap"
"Birthday Present" (Merry)
"A Healer's Tale" flashback storyline
"One Who Sticks Closer than a Brother" flashback storyline

"Knitting Socks" (Pippin, the summer before the Quest)

"Flames" (continues to 1435, set in Tookland)
"The Tenth Walker" (Bill the Pony's perspective)
"Letters Home" (whimsy)
"Slightly Muddled" (very AU in language, otherwise faithful in tone, set during the Quest somewhere between Rivendell and Moria)
"Choices" (Black Gate to Many Partings; Beregond)
"Duty" (Black Gate to Cormallen; Bergil)
"There and Back" (Cormallen; Beregond)
"LifeWatch" (Cormallen; Merry)
"Too Young" (Cormallen; Merry)
"Someone as You Can Trust" (Cormallen; remaining Fellowship)
"To Tell a Tale" (Minas Tirith; group effort, several authors)
"To See Justice Done" (Minas Tirith; Beregond)
"All's Well That Ends Well" (Minas Tirith)
"Frogs" (Minas Tirith)
"Aged to Perfection" (Minas Tirith; Frodo, Merry)
"He Died with His Boots On" (Minas Tirith)
"Of Cake and Crumbs and Distant Dreams" (Minas Tirith)
"The Rebel" (Fatty Bolger)
"A Small and Passing Thing" (Fatty Bolger; runs through 1421, sequel to "The Rebel")

"Jewels" (which runs through 1484 and a few years beyond)
"Courtship of Samwise Gamgee"
"The Party's Over" (Merry and Pippin in Crickhollow)
"Going, Going, Gone" (AU story about Frodo, where he doesn't depart from Havens)

sometime after 1429: ("Young Steward" stories)
"Hopes Pinned"
"To Get to the Top"
"Seeing the Forest"
"A Took by Any Other Name"

"StarFire" ("Thain"; ends in 1435)
"FireStorm" ("Thain")
"Striking Sparks" ("Thain")
"Passing in Review" (AU story; Merry and Estella)
"Survival, part 1" (Pippin and Ferdibrand)

"The Thrum of Tookish Bowstrings, part 1" (first segment; Ferdibrand, Faramir)
"We'll Get On That Ferry..." (Pippin, Diamond, Faramir) 
"Ruffians" (Merry and Estella)
"In the Greening" ("Thain"; Eglantine, Tolibold)
"Family Matters" (follow-on to "In the Greening"; Tolibold)

"All that Glisters" ("Thain"; Ferdibrand, Hildibold)

"If Wishes Were Ponies" (Merry Brandybuck and Merry Gamgee go to Rohan)
"Needle in a Haystack" (7yo Farry and 6yo Goldi go adventuring)

"FirstBorn" (8yo Faramir Took; story set 2-1/2 years after "Flames" ends)

(summer) "Down and Out" ("Thain")
(autumn, perhaps October) "One Who Sticks Closer Than a Brother" flashback storyline
(late in the year, a few weeks before Yule) "Runaway" (10yo Faramir Took)

"A Matter of Appearances" (10yo Faramir Took)
"One Who Sticks Closer than a Brother" (follow-on to "Matter of Appearances")
"The Thrum of Tookish Bowstrings, part 1" (2nd segment)
"While There's Breath" ("Thain"; Ferdi, Pippin)
"At the End of His Rope" (which continues to about 1445) ("Thain")
"A Healer's Tale" (part set during "Rope" and pre-Quest flashbacks)
"Where the Love-light Gleams" ("Thain"; Ferdibrand)

"Seeing Red" ("Thain": Expands on an incident in "At the End of His Rope")

"The Thrum of Tookish Bowstrings, part 1" (3rd segment; Ferdibrand and Faramir Took)
"Just Desserts" (visit to the Lake)
"O the Fox Went Out on a Chilly Night" ("Dreamflower's Bunny"; also pre-Quest)
"The Thrum of Tookish Bowstrings, part 2" (working title: "Farry and Ferdi go to Gondor")
"Dreams of Gold" (excerpt from F&F go to Gondor)

"Where the Merlin Cries" (Fastred and Elanor)
"The Thrum of Tookish Bowstrings, part 3"

"Truth" (Frodo Gardner)

"A Comedy of Merrys" (Frodo Gardner)
"Survival, part 2" (Faramir Took and Goldilocks Gamgee)

"On Solid Ground" (Faramir and Goldi)
"As the Gentle Rain" (the Travellers return to Gondor for a visit)

"In the Fading of the Year"

sometime after 1484:
"Jewels" final chapter
"Sunsets" (alternate version of events after Merry and Pippin go to Gondor) If a story appears on the list but is not available to be read, it is in progress, outlined and awaiting writing at the very least, being written, being revised, or undergoing beta reading.

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