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Idle Leaves  by Alawa

passing moon
does my love
still dance
with timeless grace
among the stars?

my first time
over the Hithaeglir
clouds far below
your hand on my shoulder
two eagles above us

* * *

turned earth
in the palm of my hand
a star

* * *

you always did
laugh at my
smoke rings
sharing a watch
with Menelvagor

an east wind
stirs the leaves
of athelas

* * *

mid winter night
through the weave of my cloak
the Valacirca

* * *

trees thaw
between fallen leaves
snowdrop spears

still life
on the edge of
the marshes
even the midges
are after our blood

fireside chess
pretending I am
too tired
to know you are
letting me win

* * *

Naneth how long
are you hoping
to spin
this single thread
ever more fine?

For Arathorn

westering sun
no shadow falls
on this
peaceful earth
under a northern sky

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