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The Arial Object  by Beethovens7th

The Arial Object

With a sudden movement and a simultaneous release, the object bursts into a fast, spinning motion stopping only when some law of physics forces it to come to a halt.  On its path it spins constantly one way or another, clockwise or counterclockwise, up and down, back and forth, or around in orbits depending on the origin of its journey.  In its progression through space, many directions are available.  It either takes a quick direct line as its path, or it sweeps around in a arch taking longer to reach its destination but nevertheless getting there.  Through its course, the object, like any other traveling object, encounters obstacles.  At times the obstacles stop the excursion altogether causing a complete and sudden halt.  At other times the object will skip or jump a few times before stopping, trying to take off again but not quite making it.  If the obstacle encountered is small and minor the object might be slowed down and put slightly off course but it still continues on.  Finally completing its course the item returns to its home base where it is secured to make ready for its next trip out into the world.

A young Pippin winds up the long string onto the flattened spool of the now still object.  He then stuffs the yo-yo into his pocket until it can be taken out later and spun in a vacillating pattern.  The toy returned to his pocket, Pippin runs back to the smial where his mother is calling him in to elevensies.

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