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Henna Gamgee

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Biography:   Hello hello! I am slowly (very slowly) writing a Frodo-centred pre-LOTR series. Part I (Adrift) and Part II (Anchored) are done. Part III has not exactly been started yet, but never say never. One of these days...
bullet The Making of a Ringbearer III: Aweigh Last Updated: 12/28/2012
It’s 1405 and Frodo is alone in Bag End. Merry can’t control his temper and Samwise can’t bring himself to speak up. Pippin can’t pay attention and Frodo never did learn to accept help. But these four are becoming the sort of hobbits who will risk their lives for each other in the War of the Ring, which draws nearer every year.
Rating: PG Reviews Status: In Progress Chapters: 10 Published: 8/8/2010
bullet The Making of a Ringbearer II: Anchored Last Updated: 5/5/2008
Pre-LOTR. Frodo couldn't have succeeded on the Quest without the help of some very loyal friends. Samwise left his home and family to go with him. Merry and Pippin insisted on joining the Fellowship without a moment's hesitation. Bilbo loved him like a son. How did these powerful relationships develop? What was it about Frodo's character that engendered such love and loyalty?
Rating: PG Reviews Status: Complete Chapters: 61 Published: 9/6/2003
bullet The Making of a Ringbearer I: Adrift Last Updated: 8/10/2003
A look at what Frodo’s life might have been like at Brandy Hall after his parents' deaths, and the events leading up to his adoption by Bilbo. Frodo is a quiet child whose good intentions sometimes get him into trouble. Saradoc and Esmeralda love him like their own, but something is missing from young Frodo’s life. Can a spirited old bachelor turn things around? The first part in my “Making of a Ringbearer” series, which is pre-LOTR.
Rating: G Reviews Status: Complete Chapters: 11 Published: 8/4/2003