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Battle of the Golden Wood  by Marnie 3 Review(s)
WhatevahReviewed Chapter: 16 on 12/30/2011
I'm not sure I understand why you keep harping on this idea that Galadriel was somehow weak for taking Nenya. Were Elrond and Gandalf weak for taking the other two rings?

And when she said in LOTR "I passed the test. I shall go into the west and diminish and remain Galadriel" it is fairly obvious that the ban against her was lifted in that moment. Tolkien's descriptions of her following that scene bear this out. She seems at peace following this, and ironically, though she is "diminished" she is actually much greater. You don't seem to want to grant her that. I think you must have a rough opinion of her.

Author Reply: I keep harping on it because it's what Tolkien says. It's been a long time since I wrote this and I no longer have the references at my fingertips, however, the idea that the elven ringbearers were weak for keeping the elven rings comes from a line (in History of Middle Earth somewhere) where Tolkien says "they did not find the strength to destroy the rings." Thus strongly implying that they should have done.

Yes, I think Elrond and Cirdan were wrong to accept theirs, (read "The Wisdom of Isildur" and you'll see me have a go at Elrond for accepting his.) But at least Cirdan was sensible enough to get rid of his by passing it onto a Maia, who was presumably a bit more capable of dealing with it. Have you read the Silmarillion? Have you read HoME? If you have, you know there are many different takes possible on Galadriel as a person and on the meanings of the rings of power. I am confident that mine fits as much with canon as yours does.

I do have a rough opinion of Galadriel. Or at least, I find the idea that she can part from her husband of 10,000 years, with no guarantee of ever seeing him again, serenely and peacefully a very unattractive one. I chose, therefore, to have her appear serene and peaceful in public (as a Queen should) while being a little more emotionally open in private.

It's true, I don't like her very much for numerous reasons I don't want to bother going into here. I'm a Celeborn fan, and it shows. So frankly, if you don't like it, spare yourself the aggravation and just stop reading.

CorielReviewed Chapter: 16 on 1/10/2004
Now we have gentle Celeborn just after furious and cold Celeborn. As cool as the first two were, I especially like the last one, rational in the face of maddness, telling poor Oswy "you really don't want to do this."

OK, I get the feeling Khamul was not exactly the one I thought he was. But I have another question. I know about Celebrian, but did she have a sibling? That would be news to me, but I haven't exactly made a study of that family. Another great chapter overall.

Orophins DottirReviewed Chapter: 16 on 12/2/2003
Hooray! An update at last! I would accuse you of lateness but you are generous with two chapters (or did I miss one as I traveled?) so you are absolved.

Love Galadriel. How powerful and yet so sad. You really did break my heart with her.

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