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We Were Young Once ~ I  by Conquistadora 7 Review(s)
mystarlightReviewed Chapter: 8 on 11/11/2019
Love development of relationship between Thranduil and Lindoriel but his constant denial is confusing and I am not sure if he fell in love with her. On the one hand he almost kills himself to get the rose but his thoughts that he will love her in time are confusing for me. Perhaps he does not want bonds but if he loves her he should wish them. Definitely you didn't choose the easiest way for Thranduil. Hope that Lindoriel will find happiness even without him because I really love her strong will. I would love to find out more about Thalis as it is his craftiness Thranduil inherited.

TithenFeredirReviewed Chapter: 8 on 1/21/2005
The bit with the rose was hilarious. I loved it that to him it was a little accomplishment on his part and no big deal, but she read all kinds of stuff into it. Poor Lindoriel, he's just not that into you...yet. And I wonder if the last part with the ledger is a taste of the origins of Thranduil's often overestimated love of treasure later on. The ride on the beach was beautifully worded. TF

Author Reply:
Thanks! Yes, after all this Thranudil is always conscious of where the money is coming from. He's learning a lot from this experience, but he still hasn't figured Lindoriel out yet. It may take him a while, but he'll come around. ;)

lwarrenReviewed Chapter: 8 on 8/24/2004
Before I forget my favorite line - "Blessed Elbereth! She would love him forever!" That Thranduil...he's such a romantic! ;-) One would think by the effort he put into securing that rose for Lindoriel, that he really liked her seriously!

It is so funny the place Thranduil occupies in this chapter....when Oropher leaves, his father tells him there is none other he would rather leave in charge of the family...right after he tells him not to let the family fall apart! His naneth tells him that the finances of the family are in his care in one breath, while in the other breath she tells him to get his feet out of the chair and stop folding his Adar's book back! :-) All those conflicting messages had to confuse him, poor elf! But by the end, he was making great plans to recover the family's fortune...he is SUCH a clever elf! Great chapter! Update when you can! :-)


Author Reply:
Well, you know he does; he just hasn't realized it yet. ;)
I'll get back to work on this when I can, but it sure is busy around here! Maybe I can run with it once a go-home break rolls around. As interesting as Plato is (*not*), Thranduil would be a nice change of pace now and then.

LayangabiReviewed Chapter: 8 on 8/21/2004

I'm sorry to do this here, in case it's not allowed. But I can't get your contact details, for some reason.

I'm doing a paper in Uni about fanfic representations of the Moriquendi and Caliquendi. As we know, Thranduil is a constant victim of these seem more familiar with Thranduil-fiction than I am, and I'd like to ask you for names of stories where you feel Thranduil is portrayed as a)greedy b) 'lesser' than Elrond and/or Galadriel c) unrelentingly xenophobic and d) prone to excess of any kind. My email's here:

And much thanks, btw, for everything you've written about Thranduil :)

Ms. WhatsitReviewed Chapter: 8 on 8/19/2004
"Courtesy." That's right, Thranduil, keep living in denial.

Oropher doesn't seem to be the type to be miserly about anything. He is the sort of person who does everything whole-heartedly and doesn't believe in half-measures, though we know that can be to his detriment.

Now I wonder what precisely Thranduil plans to do. Join the court of Gil-galad, but how?

Author Reply:
That's a question that's been weighing on his mind as well! I think he has a good idea of what he'd like to do, but what he wants and what he gets could be two different things.

You know, I'm really having a lot of fun with this, so it's nice to someone else is enjoying it too. Just hold tight and we'll see about the next update. :)

Reviewed Chapter: 8 on 8/19/2004
I absolutely love the image of Thranduil giving that rose. Too sweet! Very romantic. And Thranduil taking charge of the family. Oropher will be very surprised with his son. What direction that surprise takes will be very interesting to see. Of course we know he will be supportive in the end but arriving at that place...well...

Love your writing Coriel!

Author Reply:
Don't worry too much about Oropher. I imagine that by the time he gets back he'll be so excited at the prospect of clearing out of Lindon that he'll be in a more forgiving frame of mind. But meanwhile, there is still much to be done. ;)

Thanks for reveiwing!

silent planetReviewed Chapter: 8 on 8/19/2004
Yay! Ok, I really liked this....poor Thranduil.....he is lucky he didn't mar his 'lovely' features in that fall, or Lindoriel may have been a little less keen on him....or maybe not. Anyway, update again soon!

Author Reply:
Well, I can't promise "soon", but I'll see what I can do for the next chapter while I still have some time. We just got our class schedules around here, but the real classes don't start until Tuesday, so that leaves me a free evening or two. Glad to see you're enjoying it so far!

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