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From Wilderness to Cities White  by Larner

Written for the LOTR Community "Lost and Found" challenge.  For Linda Hoyland and Fiondil. A true drabble.

Comfort in a Moment of Grief

            As Aragorn fell exhausted upon the cot set for him in the tent raised upon the Pelennor, he felt again the pain of loss engendered by Halbarad’s death.  His first friend among his own people, his almost-brother, was lost, having made himself a target by insisting on carrying Aragorn’s banner in the battle!

            “Grieve not for me, you great silly!” he seemed to hear murmured into his ear.  “Think on what you have found!  You’ll never be alone.”

            Remembering the amazed worship he’d seen in Faramir’s eyes as the young Man awoke from near-death, Aragorn again knew contentment, and slept.

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