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Dreamflower's Dribs and Drabs  by Dreamflower


Author : Dreamflower
Title: Sestina for Pippin
Rating: G
Theme: Poetry
Elements: verb: fight
Author's Notes: My first attempt at a rhyming sestina! A sestina is a form of poetry in which the same six words are used at the end of the lines in every stanza, with each verse using the words in a different order.
Summary: Pippin on the Quest
Word Count: 376

Sestina for Pippin

To even join the journey was a scarcely-won fight.
yet you knew that you could help to keep the burden light,
and hoped they would trust in friendship rather than might.
When you won the chance to go, you knew it was your right,
though how you would be tried and tested was beyond your sight,
ever you sought to keep your hope bright.

You learned how to sleep when the sun was still bright.
You learned how to wield a sword in a fight;
and how to walk for hours with only the stars for light.
You learned that size was not the only measure of might,
nor of compassion, nor of what was right.
But you already knew how to keep loved ones in sight.

The Wide World was filled with sight after sight,
some of them dreadful, and some of them bright.
And soon enough you saw Death in a fight,
How hard was it then to keep your heart light?
You owed your life to a strong Man's might;
would the world ever again come right?

You knew your curiousity was not right,
but foolish you were when the new was in sight.
Like a jackdaw you were drawn to the shiny and bright,
pulled down into temptation you could not fight,
caught in the maelstrom of the dark light--
set your heart, not your head, against the Enemy's might!

On your own you sought to do what you might
to pay a life-debt and to set things right,
lowly though you were in the Steward's sight.
You brought with you hope, and a spirit so bright.
You knew a life couldn't be surrendered without a fight,
And brought the White Wizard to fight fire with light.

And at siege's end you took your own light,
and marched away to what only might
be hope. But you knew it was right
whether a fool's hope or no. But what a sad sight--
a sword, a cloak, and armour so bright.
And in despair you fought your fight!

And what a fight! Your slain enemy's might
came down to crush breath and light. Darkness filled your sight!
But your spirit stayed bright, and the fool's hope came right!

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