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Cosmological Poems of Middle Earth  by AaronSecret
I would like to share my revelations of Tolkien's Universe in the form of narrative and emotional poems.
Status: In Progress
Chapter  1: Morgoth Bauglir2
Chapter  2: Eru Iluvatar0
Chapter  3: Fingolfin2
Chapter  4: Fingon0
Chapter  5: Sauron0
Chapter  6: Of the Darkening of Valinor0
Chapter  7: Feanor0
Chapter  8: You Died In Explosion0
Chapter  9: Thranduil0
Chapter 10: High Priestess0
Chapter 11: Annektar0
Chapter 12: Shoemaker0
Chapter 13: Melian0
Chapter 14: Sauron Met a Strange Fairy0
Chapter 15: The Second Music of Creation0
Chapter 16: Melkor's Lies0
Chapter 17: Eöl The Dark Elf of Beleriand0
Chapter 18: Maeglin0
Chapter 19: One Ring to Rule them All0
Chapter 20: The Secrets of Ea0
Chapter 21: The Era of Eagles0
Chapter 22: You are the Scariest of All Them Evil Ones, Annatar!0
Chapter 23: Manwe0
Chapter 24: Finrod Felagund0
Chapter 25: The 4th attempt of Creation to accomplish itself0
Chapter 26: Who's Eru Iluvatar?0
Chapter 27: Unless I go blind0
Chapter 28: Maislovaaron Navsegbogdaiar0
Chapter 29: Sauron, If your eyes were a...0
Chapter 30: Living the Eru0
Chapter 31: Melkor's Smile1
Chapter 32: The Dance of Creation0

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