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Destiny's Child  by Mirkwoodmaiden
Éowyn is an endlessly fascinating character to me. This is her story, to my mind. This story will eventually merge with my story of Faramir, "Bound by Duty; Bound by Joy" where they meet. It is her story in that story arc. The first chapter was inspired by Lindelea asking about how Éowyn became a Shieldmaiden.
Status: In Progress
Chapter  1: I want to be a Shieldmaiden!2
Chapter  2: In my heart this is right2
Chapter  3: A Young Heart finds purpose2
Chapter  4: Two Halves that are not whole2
Chapter  5: “Why am I different?3
Chapter  6: The Reckoning3
Chapter  7: Forgiveness begins2
Chapter  8: It Shall be Done!2
Chapter  9: A Seed of Worry is planted 3
Chapter 10: Lies Shared and Truth Foretold2
Chapter 11: A Smile and Brave Words3
Chapter 12: Helpless4
Chapter 13: Stormcrow4
Chapter 14: Storm Clouds Gather 3
Chapter 15: The Breaking Storm begins with a whisper3
Chapter 16: The Heart of the White Horse4
Chapter 17: "Give Me Strength"3

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