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Close Call  by KathyG
Summary: During the Quest, Sam falls into a gully at a time when he is so tired, he can hardly keep his eyes open. He lands in a rushing stream, where he almost drowns. Prompt: From B2MeM 2009. Day Two: March 2: Mercurial Monday! For Mercurial Monday, we offer B2MeM participants the choice of two prompts. Participants may choose whichever they prefer. In addition, the second prompt may be used in place of any other prompt in the challenge! Think of the most dangerous situation you can face. Have you ever been in such serious danger? What is the greatest danger that you have experienced? Think or write briefly about your experiences (or lack of experiences!) with danger. Write a story, poem or create an artwork where the characters face a great danger, or where characters reflect on their reaction to a great danger. Authorís Note: Thank you, Dreamflower, for beta-reading my story!
Status: Complete
Chapter Prologue: Chapter 14

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